The STD Project

The STD Project

Established in 2012 during STD Awareness Month, The STD Project, is a multi-award-winning independent website and progressive movement eradicating STD stigma by facilitating and encouraging awareness, education, and acceptance through story-telling and resource recommendations. They are taking steps toward modern-day sexual health and prevention by advocating for conscientious and informed decisions.The STD Project Provides:

  • Online static content. Over 350 comprehensive STD articles, guides and fact sheets, advice answers, extensive external resource lists for each sexually transmitted disease, and personal stories.
  • Interactive services. Their forum is highly moderated to provide a safe space which offers accurate information. They also maintain an active presence on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, and Pinterest as well as responding in question and answer forums such as Reddit and Quora. 
  • Referrals. They make referrals to sexual/reproductive healthcare services and references such as: testing centers, hotlines, external forums, educational books, and safer-sex products. 
  • Other outreach. They provide global outreach and education offline through tabling events, project collaboration, research, clinician or support staff training, and through speaking engagements at universities, community centers, and conferences.

The STD Project was founded by Jenelle Marie Davis. Jenelle is also the STD Expert for, an adjunct professor, a freelance writer, and a professional speaker. She is also a  member of the International Union Against Sexually Transmitted Diseases (IUASTD), the American Sexually Transmitted Diseases Association (ASTDA), and the National Coalition of STD Directors (NCSD). Her work has been featured in popular TV, radio, and print outlets such as: Cosmopolitan Magazine, Jezebel, Forbes, HuffPost Live, NPR, Mother Jones, Refinery 29, NOW Magazine (UK), and many more.

The Center for Sex Education

The Center for Sex Education (CSE) is the national education division of Planned Parenthood of Central and Greater Northern New Jersey (PPCGNNJ). It has a long history of leadership in the field of sexuality education, and has published more than 20 teaching manuals which are catalogued at

CSE's newest publication, How I Got Into Sex...Ed, is an anthology of more than 60 sexuality education professionals telling their stories of how they got into the field. The contributors to the book are its shining light, from the  sex ed superstars to those just getting started. Regardless of how deep into their careers they are, the contributors are passionate and engaged. Their stories are sometimes funny, sometimes moving, sometimes informational, and always passionate. The list of contributors to the book include Peggy Brick, Steve Brown, Michael Carrera, and Joycelyn Elders, and so many more!

Dr. Debby Herbenick, Director of The Center for Sexual Health Promotion at the University of Indiana, calls the book a treasure, and goes on to say, "If you've ever wondered if this path was right for you or what it feels like to be a sex educator or how to get the right kinds of education, training, or opportunities to work as a sexuality education professional, this book is for you!"

How I Got Into Sex...Ed is available in hardback or ebook versions. Both can be ordered here.

Sexual Health and Responsibility Program (SHARP) of the Navy and Marine Corps Public Health Center

The Sexual Health and Responsibility Program (SHARP) of the Navy and Marine Corps Public Health Center works to promote and protect the sexual health of Sailors and Marines to support mission readiness and accomplishment, minimize avoidable health care costs and personnel losses, prevent morbidity and mortality, and support quality of life. The SHARP vision is to achieve a cultural norm in which physical and social sexual health are encouraged, supported and expected; and a Navy and Marine Corps population in which all pregnancies are planned, and sexual violence, coercion and sexually transmitted infections, including HIV, are prevented.  The SHARP Motto "Chart a Safe Course" affirms that each individual has the right and responsibility to make choices about their sexual health and behavior; and that sexual health decision-making is a lifelong and dynamic process because a person's circumstances and relationships may change over time. 

SHARP's two priority initiatives in 2015 are to (1) increase the use of long-acting reversible contraception among contraception-using, sexually active Sailors and Marines who do not want a pregnancy at this time in her life and (2) decrease the incidence of HIV among male Sailors and Marines who have sex with men.

SHARP partners with multiple military and civilian organizations to investigate, advocate, communicate and educate regarding sexual health. SHARP develops and delivers training for Navy health care professionals and for Sailors and Marines, and provides prevention products including guidelines, films, fact sheets, posters, lectures, web resources, surveillance data and program consultation services. 


Project Inform (PI)

Project Inform (PI)

Project Inform fights the HIV and hepatitis C epidemics by assuring the development of effective treatments and a cure; supporting individuals to make informed choices about their health; advocating for quality, affordable health care; and promoting medical strategies that prevent new infections.

The goals of Project Inform are to assure that:

  • Increasingly effective and tolerable treatments for HIV and hepatitis C, as well as a cure, will become available
  • All people with HIV and/or hepatitis C will have universal access to testing, know their status and be linked as quickly as possible to care and treatment
  • Disparities in health outcomes of vulnerable populations living with HIV and/or hepatitis C will be eliminated
  • New cases of HIV and hepatitis C infection will be eliminated through innovative approaches to prevention.
  • People with HIV and/or hepatitis C will have access to  treatment and health care information that is complete, reliable, and up to date
  • People living with HIV and/or hepatitis C will have access to quality, affordable health care that meets their comprehensive medical needs, regardless of ability to pay
American Sexual Health Association (ASHA)

ASHA is dedicated to improving the health of individuals, families and communities with an emphasis on sexual health and a focus on preventing sexually transmitted diseases and their harmful consequences. For nearly 100 years, ASHA has helped millions learn how to protect themselves, talk to their partners and parents, know what to do if they have an STD/STI, and much more. Make sure you check out ASHA’s innovative Condomology initiative. The Condomology initiative ensures that facts about condoms are available and understood by all. It includes a collection of fact-based content, including fact sheets, videos, resources for healthcare professionals, and more!