A New Approach to Sexual History Taking: A Video Series

In this video series, hear firsthand from six diverse providers who are making sexual health a part of their daily, clinical practice. Learn More

COVID-19 and Sexual Health

How is COVID-19 spread through sexual activity? How can I keep my relationship(s) strong during the pandemic? NCSH experts cover these topics and more. Learn More

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Happy with your sex life, partners, relationships, and sexual health? Take this quiz to find out and get practical tips. Take the Quiz

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We aim to make sexual health a common part of our national discourse and to promote high quality sexual health information and services. Learn More

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The 6th P: A New Approach to Sexual History Taking
Check out the first video in the new NCSH video series "A New Approach to Sexual History Taking: Talking about Sexual Pleasure, Problems & Pride," and head to YouTube to see the full playlist!

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