Fact Sheets: COVID-19 and Sexual Health

Looking for info and practical advice to help you protect your sexual health during COVID-19? Check out the fact sheets below, including a full fact sheet on all topics, and shorter fact sheets on specific topics. Feel free to share these fact sheets with others.

The Full Fact Sheet includes:

  • How is COVID-19 spread?
  • How is COVID-19 spread through sexual activity?
  • Which partners are safest during COVID-19?
  • How can I reduce my risk during close contact and sexual activity?
  • What if I don’t live with my partner, but want to see them?
  • How can I keep my relationship strong during COVID-19?
  • How can I get STI testing/treatment, birth control and other sexual health services?
  • What if I’m in an abusive relationship and on stay at home orders?
  • Resources to learn more

Shorter Fact Sheets available on these topics: 

  1. Facts, Partners, and Prevention
  2. Relationships
  3. Accessing Services
  4. How Can LGBTQ+ Youth Navigate COVID-19?

How did we create these fact sheets? They are based on the latest data and recommendations, existing resources from leading public health organizations, and input from the NCSH COVID-19 and Sexual Health working group.  As new science and guidelines become available and as we develop new content areas, we will update the fact sheets, and re-post them.  

Download Full Fact Sheet

Webinar: COVID-19 and Sexual Health

This webinar, hosted by the American Journal of Sexuality Education, provided an overview of the National Coalition for Sexual Health (NCSH) and our response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Co-Directors, Jenn Rogers and Susan Gilbert, discuss the development of the above messaging documents.