Sexual Health in the News May 17 - May 23

This weekly online digest was created to keep you up-to-date on sexual health topics currently trending in the media. The NCSH does not endorse specific content or research included in these articles. 

NCSH in the News

How American Women Could Lose the Right to Birth Control – TIME
The Dobbs decision undermines privacy rights and jeopardizes contraception access, as anti-abortion advocates push to restrict birth control. NCSH member, Reproductive Health Access Project, was quoted.

Other News This Week

Moms With HIV Can Breastfeed If Taking Treatment and Virus Is Undetectable, Pediatricians’ Group Says – CNN
The American Academy of Pediatrics now supports breastfeeding for mothers with HIV under certain conditions, reflecting a shift in policy and the importance of informed decision-making.

STI Infection Increase A ‘Major Concern’ For Health Officials: WHO – The Hill
WHO reports a concerning surge in STIs, particularly syphilis, prompting concerns among global health officials' who are also optimistic about addressing the epidemics by 2030.

Members Of the U.S. Senate Face A Vote on Whether They Support Contraception Access - Pennsylvania Capital-Star
The U.S. Senate plans to vote on legislation in June to guarantee contraception access, prompted by recent discussions about potential state restrictions, emphasizing the importance of the issue.

Ending Menstrual Health Stigma? Education May Be the Answer, Lawmakers and Educators Say – The Sacramento Bee via Yahoo! News
Lawmakers and educators push for menstrual health education in California schools through bill 2229 to destigmatize periods and offer vital knowledge to students.

Bumble Sought to Win Back Women, But A ‘Celibacy’ Ad Outraged Them Instead. How The Dating App’s Rebrand Went Wrong – Fortune via Yahoo! News
Bumble's rebrand backfired when an ad campaign referencing celibacy was perceived as shaming those who abstain from sex, leading to public outrage and an apology from the company.

These 5 Simple Exercises Will Improve Your Sex Life – New York Post
Simple exercises can significantly improve your sex life, addressing issues like low libido and erectile dysfunction, with suggestions including cardio, kegels, hip exercises, core strengthening, and yoga.

U.K. Startup Launches HPV Testing Tampons to Fight Cervical Cancer – Forbes
A U.K. startup offers tampon-based HPV testing as an alternative to traditional cervical smear tests, aiming to improve screening rates and contribute to the goal of eliminating cervical cancer by 2040.

What Is 'Post-Birth Control Syndrome'? Signs, Symptoms, And How to Treat It, According to MDs – Women’s Health
Post-birth control symptoms like irregular periods and acne can be managed with lifestyle changes and over-the-counter remedies, but severe symptoms warrant a healthcare provider visit.

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