Promotional Materials

The following materials are available to help you promote various NCSH products.

 What I want for me: better sex, good relationships, healthier body

Shareable Graphics

Five Action Steps to Good Sexual Health

To promote the Five Action Steps to Good Sexual Health, we have developed fun graphics that you can share on social media, along with some suggested messaging to go with each one. Each graphic is available in three different sizes (sized for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram).



Bookmark & Palm Card

Five Action Steps to Good Sexual Health

The Five Action Steps website is a comprehensive, innovative roadmap redefining what it means to be sexually healthy, and features practical tips and advice, conversation starters, and real-life scenarios. We have developed a few promotional materials to help get the word out to the public. The materials are print-ready for any professional printer.



Tri-Fold Brochure

What is Sexual Health? Five Key Action Steps To Help You Achieve It

This brochure outlines the 5 action steps to achieving good sexual health found in the full Take Charge guide.

If you'd like to customize the brochure to include your logo or contact information, utilize the white space on the back cover under the NCSH and Altarum logos to add your information, you can edit using Acrobat or any other PDF editor. If you choose to send the brochure to a professional printer, download the print ready PDF which includes bleeds. A designer or professional printer can edit the back page of the PDF using the InDesign files to include your logo and/or contact information as well.  



Take Charge of Your Sexual Health

This promotional postcard has been created to allow you to promote the Take Charge guide and website to your communities and patients.

It is our recommendation to print these postcards at your local professional printer. If you'd like to customize the postcard to include your logo or contact information download the 'with partner info' files and utilize the white space on the back side under the orange box.



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