If you are not comfortable with your health care provider or therapist for any reason, listen to your feelings, and consider finding a new one. You are entitled to non-judgmental, comprehensive care to  address your sexual concerns. A good provider will: 

  • Be comfortable discussing your sexual history and concerns
  • Respect your gender identity, sexual orientation, and sexual activities
  • Answer your questions in a respectful and honest way, explain what they are doing and why, ask what you are comfortable with
  • Speak clearly and make sure you understand, and
  • Keep your visit confidential.

Health care providers and therapists are people, too. Some providers are not comfortable having open conversations about sexual health or addressing sexual function. If that’s the case, ask your friends or family to recommend someone you can trust, research providers through an online rating site, or ask your health plan for a list of top-rated providers in your area.