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7 Questions OB-GYNs Say You Think You Know the Answers to but Likely Don’t – Romper
Many women think they know quite a bit about women's reproductive health, but they don’t necessarily have the correct information. NCSH member Dr. Katharine O'Connell White is quoted. 

Condom Use Survey Shows Women's Opinions on Safe Sex – Teen Vogue
A new survey, conducted by the Kinsey Institute, an NCSH member, looks at female attitudes towards “male” condoms, and it shows us a whole new perspective.

'Chore-play'? When Couples Share the Dishes, They're Happier – CNN
Women who do most of the dishwashing report more conflict, less satisfaction and worse sex.

The Infuriating Reason Young Women Aren't Getting Tested for STDs – Shape
A new study shows that a lot of young women are afraid to talk to their doctors about their sexual activity and aren't asking for tests.

HIV-Infected People Are Living for Years, but Age-Related Diseases Set in Early – Washington Post
Many HIV-infected people, who have lived with HIV under control for years, are now developing aging-related conditions — heart, liver and kidney disease, certain cancers and frailty, for example — at a rate significantly higher than uninfected people of the same age.

After the Reckoning: #MeToo, Sex and Dating in 2018 – NBC News
To get a firmer grasp on what it’s like to date and have sex in this unique new era, NBC News checked in with women and men of various ages and locations about their experiences.

Opioid Crisis Fuels a Spike in HIV Infections, and Experts Fear There’s More to Come – Huffington Post
HIV clusters among people who inject drugs are back, this time in Massachusetts, despite its reputation as the nation’s gold standard for public health and health care access.

What’s the Best Way to Talk to a Teen About Sexual Identity? – Healthline
A new survey indicates that many gay teens aren’t getting the information or advice they need about important health issues from their health care providers.

The Best Apps for Improving Your Love & Sex Life – Bustle
Some people feel self-conscious talking about sex and relationships or just don't know where to turn to get answers to their questions. Luckily, that's exactly where apps come in.

What It's Actually Like to Have an STD, According to People Who Have One – Business Insider
Finding out you have a sexually transmitted disease can be life-altering news for some. But it's important to remember that you're not alone in your struggle.

Super Gonorrhea Is Spreading, With Two New Cases Found in Australia – Gizmodo
Last month, UK health officials reported the world’s first documented case of highly drug-resistant gonorrhea. Now there are two more cases of this so-called super gonorrhea in Australia.

10 Things You Learned in Sex Ed That Are Actually Toxic – Bustle
There's a new generation of sex educators who are trying to fight stigma and shame with honesty and humanity. Here are ten 10 toxic things you may have learned in sex ed.

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