Sexual Health in the News September 15 - September 21

NCSH in the News

Trauma-Informed Care is Respectful Care - Bedsider Providers 
On behalf of NCSH, Jenn Rogers (who is now at ChildTrends) makes a case for trauma-informed care and shares NCSH’s Clinician Guide for Trauma-Informed Care, which was co-developed with the Clinical Training Center for Sexual and Reproductive Health.  

It's Time to Pay Attention to Older Americans Living With HIV, Advocates Say - Advocate
As the proportion of older individuals living with HIV is expected to rise, updating guidelines for routine testing among those 65+ is in greater need. Terri Wilder of SAGE: Advocacy and Services for LGBTQ+ Elders is featured.  

Other News This Week

Census Bureau Wants to Test Asking About Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity on Biggest Survey - Yahoo
Asking questions about sexual orientation and gender identity could provide valuable data that could identify disparities and inform policies for LGBTQ+ individuals.  

Post-Roe, Anti-Abortion Groups Target Law Protecting Clinics from Violence - The Guardian
The Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act (Face Act) penalizes people for blockading or threatening abortion clinics. Anti-abortion activists want it repealed, while pro-choice advocates urge greater enforcement.  

How the Abortion Pill Works - Very Well Health
Safe options exist for ending unwanted pregnancies, including the “abortion pill.” Here’s how they work, their potential side effects, who qualifies to take them, and the laws surrounding their use.  

The Psychology (and Business) of Sexual Pleasure - Psychology Today 
The $19 billion sexual wellness device industry is thriving, promoting discussions about sexual well-being, intimacy and pleasure, and gender equality and consent in relationships.  

What Happens to Your Sex Drive After 40, According to a Sex Researcher and a Couples Therapist - Pure Wow
In your 40’s and beyond, change in hormones can affect your sex drive, but it doesn’t necessarily mean the end of desire. Experts discuss the full picture.  

North Texas TRANSportation Network Launches to Help Transgender Minors Receive Healthcare - CBS News
After new legislation preventing minors from accessing gender affirming care was passed in Texas, a program was created to help raise money for families to drive or fly to a doctor out of state.

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