Sexual Health in the News October 21 - October 27

NCSH in the News

Republicans Propose Bill Barring Lessons On Gender, Sexuality For ChildrenThe Washington Post 
Proposed legislation would prohibit federal funding for lessons on gender identity, sexual orientation, and transgender individuals, and criticizes state and local libraries. GLSEN, a NCSH member, is featured.  

Other News This Week

Trans Inmates Need Access To Gender-Affirming Care. Often They Have To Sue To Get ItNPR 
Transgender inmates face significant challenges in the criminal justice system. This story follows one woman’s journey in the Georgia prison system, where she was denied hormones.  

ACA's Preventative Care Requirement Under AttackAxios
A legal battle in Texas could remove the requirements for insurers to cover preventative services, such as HIV prevention medications and STI screenings, potentially leaving millions of Americans without life-saving coverage.   

Monkeypox Can Be Far More Devastating For Patients With Weak Immune SystemsThe Washington Post 
The CDC reported that a majority of individuals hospitalized for monkeypox have an untreated HIV infection, emphasizing the need for access to prevention and treatment services for both monkeypox and HIV.   

Most Parents Don’t Favor Abstinence-Only Sex Ed. Why Is the Government Still Funding It?The New York Times
Research shows that despite being highly politicized, parents across the political spectrum support aspects of comprehensive sex education verses abstinence-only education.   

Emergency Department Visits For Sexual Assault Increase 15-Fold Amid #Metoo Movement And Broader Awareness, Researchers SayCNN
Survivors of sexual assault are seeking emergency medical care more often than they were 15 years ago. Experts attribute this rise in emergency room visits to the #MeToo movement.  

House Investigation Finds Insurers, Benefit Managers Improperly Limit Access To Birth ControlThe Hill
While the ACA requires insurers to cover FDA- approved contraceptives without cost-sharing, a House report found some insurance companies were limiting coverage for over 30 contraceptive products.  

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