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Justice Dept.: Despite bans, Abortion Pills may be Mailed to Any State – The Washington Post
Legal opinion says existing federal law allows mail delivery because the sender cannot know if the recipient will use the medications illegally. 

Texas Minors Need Parental Approval for Federally Funded Birth Control - The Guardian
Following a ruling from a North Texas federal judge that states Title X violates Texas law and parent’s rights, parental consent will be required for adolescents and teens seeking birth control in the state. 

How the Monkeypox Outbreak Revealed the Path for Vanquishing Viruses - The Washington Post
Monkeypox loomed as the next great viral threat – but within months, the viral outbreak, which spurred agencies to declare public health emergencies, began disappearing almost as quickly as it had arrived.   

How To Detect Sexual Health Myths In Social Media - Glam
With the internet it's hard to know if what you are reading is fact or fiction this article provides tips to help you figure out what’s the truth.  

In memoriam: Female Trailblazers Who Leapt Over Barriers to Fight for Their Sisters - NPR
This article highlights the work of female pioneers who sought to break down barriers to improve women’s rights.  

Abortion Pills can now be Offered at Retail Pharmacies, F.D.A Says - The New York Times
Mifepristone, a medication abortion pill, can now be offered in local drugstores or chains like CVS if they adhere to certain regulations. 

HIV Prevention: Why Aren’t More Heterosexual People Using PrEP? -  Healthline
The number of heterosexual people being diagnosed with HIV has been steadily rising in recent years, yet many are unaware of effective preventive medications such as PrEP. 

The Overturning of Roe v. Wade Made History in 2022 - NPR
The constitutional right to abortion ended this year, with clinics closing in states that banned the procedure, and leaving patients to travel to states where abortion is allowed. 

2022 Saw an Unprecedented War on Trans Rights — and, Quietly, 3 Research Breakthroughs that May Help Many Reach 'Gender Euphoria' - Insider
Although several states have enacted policies that restrict access to gender-affirming care, research confirms that gender-affirming care is good for mental health. 

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