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LGBTQ+ Military Members and Veterans Face Economic, Housing, and Health InsecuritiesCenter for American Progress
New analysis shows that LGBTQ+ service members and veterans face higher levels of economic insecurity, housing instability, and mental health concerns than their non-LGBT counterparts.  

Oklahoma Governor Signs Law Banning Nonbinary Birth CertificatesNBC News
Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt signed a new law that bans nonbinary gender markers on birth certificates in the state. The law takes effect immediately as it was passed with an emergency designation. 

Florida Seeks to Block Gender-Affirming Care for Trans YouthHealthline 
The Florida Department of Health released guidance that seeks to bar gender-affirming care for transgender youth in the state, including social gender transition, such as wearing gender-affirming hairstyles or clothing.  

Can Probiotics Boost Vaginal Health?The New York Times
Pills and suppositories that promise to balance the vaginal microbiome are widely available but not all products are backed by evidence that they work. Experts weigh in on their effectiveness.   

More Kids? After the Last Two Years? No Thanks.The New York Times 
Demographic trends show that the U.S. birthrate is consistently declining - with larger decreases during the COVID-19 pandemic. Parents share how the pandemic affected their views on having more children.  

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