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Child With HIV Has Been in Remission For Nearly 9 Years Without Drugs  - Time
HIV researchers announced on Monday that a nine-year-old child from South Africa has been living with HIV in remission for almost nine years-without continuing the use of HIV drugs.       

The Power of Inclusive Sex Education - The Atlantic
LGBTQ students say they need programming that speaks to them, and some school districts are finding ways to deliver.

1 in 5 Adults Aren't Having Sex-And Doctors Aren't Doing the One Thing They Can to Fix It - Quartz 
Sex has a strong influence on many aspects of well-being. But millions of people spend at least some of their adulthood not having sex for different reasons. Health issues often top that list.

Bacteria Increase HIV Risk 63% in Uncircumcised Men - Healio
A large increase in certain bacteria under the foreskin can increase the risk for HIV infection by as much as 63%, according to researchers.

This Tennessee County Is Offering Reduced Jail Sentences in Exchange for Birth Control - Essence
Inmates in White County, Tennessee can shave 30 days off of their jail time if they participate in an elective birth control procedure, a move many are calling unethical eugenics and discriminatory.   

Exactly What to Do If You Forget to Take Your Birth Control Pill  - Women's Health
Realizing there's one too many pills in your pack can send even the most rational woman into a spiral of panic and despair, where the only question you want answered is: Now what?

Undetectable Viral Load "Completely Effective" at Stopping HIV Transmission, Study Finds - BuzzFeed News
A groundbreaking new study found zero transmissions occurred between HIV-positive men with an "undetectable viral load" due to treatment, and their HIV-negative partners, across thousands of instances of anal sex without a condom.

All the Facts on the Most Common STIs  - Cosmopolitan 
You probably already know sexually transmitted infections are extremely common. Here's a thorough breakdown on how to detect, get tested, and get treated for nine of the most common STIs.


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