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A new report, released by the Joint United Nations Program on HIV/AIDS, suggests AIDS may be fully eradicated by 2030. 

Getting Birth Control Will Be Easier Than Ever In These Two States - The Huffington Post

In most states, women need to go to their doctor or health clinic to get a prescription for hormonal birth control. But thanks to recent legislation, women in California and Oregon will now be able to buy hormonal birth control at the pharmacy without a doctor's prescription.


There's A Vaccine That Protects Against A Cancer-Causing Virus - And Americans Aren't Taking It - Business Insider

Gardasil protects against nine strains of human papillomavirus, or HPV, but nine years after it was originally approved, very few states have laws requiring kids to have the HPV vaccine to attend school.


Boston Business Journal recently reported that PositiveSingles, a popular dating website started in 2001, added a Tinder-esque swiping feature to an existing mobile app version of its service. 


A federal appeals court ruled that the Little Sisters of the Poor, a Denver-based Catholic order of nuns, must comply with the Affordable Care Act and allow their employees to obtain contraception coverage through a third-party insurer.


Male Birth Control, Like Vasalgel, Is Closer To Becoming A Reality; Here's Everything We Know So Far  - Medical Daily

Vasalgel, a reversible gel vasectomy, is slated for clinical trials over the next two years. If all goes according to plan, Vasalgel could be on the market by 2018.


This Form Of Birth Control Is More Effective Than Having Your Tubes Tied - U.S. News and World Report

According to the Association of Reproductive Health Professionals, the implant works exceptionally well - failing only 0.05 percent of the time. 


Michael Lissack created an iPhone app which he hopes will change the conversation surrounding sex on campus while giving students tools to help facilitate affirmative consent. The app records both parties giving explicit verbal consent before having sex.

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