Sexual Health in the News March 17 - March 23

NCSH in the News

How to have the STIs conversation – NPR  

Talking about sexually transmitted infections with a potential partner can feel awkward. NCSH member, Dr. Evalene   Dacker shares the S.T.A.R.S framework to help you get those conversations started. 

How Does the Birth Control Implant Work? – SELF  

Here's what to know about the long-term birth control option. This story features NCSH member, Planned Parenthood. 

Other News This Week

PrEP's promise to change the course of HIV has succeeded — but only for white gay men – NBC News

The oral HIV prevention pill has achieved substantial popularity—but mainly among white gay and bisexual men. Could a newer injectable PrEP fare any better when it comes to health equity? 

It's Important to Remember Women's Sexual Health Is All-Encompassing – GIDDY  

Sexual health is health. It encompasses your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health. For women, here are a few steps to help you prioritize your health.  

Is your birth control messing with your sex life? Experts explain – CNN  

Why would birth control pills mess with your sex life? If you are experiencing roadblocks during intimacy, there are ways to balance pleasure and protection. 

Florida’s crackdown on LGBTQ issues in schools is getting worse – MSNBC  

A new rule under consideration at the Florida State Board of Education would block classroom instruction about sexual orientation or gender identity for students all the way through 12th grade. 

The orgasm gap – and how to close it: ‘Don’t equate sex and penetration’ - The Guardian 

In heterosexual sex, men climax more than women. But when we focus solely on the big O, we can miss other forms of sexual pleasure. 

This Bill Would Bar Kids From Talking About Their Periods at School – VICE 

The crackdown on basic sex education is just the latest effort to curtail students and teachers’ ability to freely discuss sex and gender, along with biological stages of human development. 

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