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NCSH member, Lemonaid Health, is one of the new apps and online services that are offering women a way to get birth control, including emergency contraception, without having to visit a doctor in person.  
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Price, Stigma May Keep Patients from Using Insurance for STDs - Reuters
In 2013, researchers found that half of patients at STD clinics were unwilling to use their health insurance for their visits, mainly because they worried about privacy or cost.
Cancer Doctors Leading Campaign to Boost Use of HPV Vaccine - Washington Post
The nation's leading cancer doctors are pushing pediatricians and other providers to help increase use of the HPV vaccine.The oncologists' goal is to rebrand the vaccine to focus on cancer prevention. 
Couples Who Divvy Up Household Chores Have Best Sex Lives, Study Finds - Chicago Tribune
A recent study found that couples who divided up housework equally had sex an average of 6.8 times per month, which is 0.5 times more per month than conventional couples and two times more than counterconventional couples.
Campuses Struggle With Approaches for Preventing Sexual Assault - New York Times
It's still too early to measure the effect of campus sexual assault education and prevention programs, but some surveys show that the number of incidents is actually on the rise. But is that because more assaults are happening, or because more women feel empowered to report them?

In Zika-Struck Puerto Rico, Trouble Delivering Donated Contraceptives - Medical Daily
Only a small fraction of contraceptives donated in Puerto Rico to prevent Zika-related birth defects are expected to get to the women who need them this month, public health officials told Reuters.

We Need to Talk About These Safe Sex Myths Refinery29
A recent study revealed that unsafe sex is now the fastest-growing risk factor for ill health in young people. In the U.S. and abroad, how much are myths about sex contributing to this issue?
7 Things People in Long-Term Relationships Know About Great Sex  - Fox News
Sexual empowerment coach Amy Jo Goddard regularly works with couples in long-term relationships. This article presents the seven best sex tips we can learn from them.
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