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The Doctor Who First Saw AIDS Believes in a 'Possible Cure' - NBC News
Thirty-five years ago this month, the CDC published a report on five cases of a mysterious lung infection in previously healthy gay men in Los Angeles. Dr. Michael Gottlieb, the author of the report, recently discussed the five biggest changes and milestones in HIV/AIDS.
The Dramatic Rise in State Efforts to Limit LGBT Rights - Washington Post
While the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community has become more visible and won more legal protections in recent years, state lawmakers have increased attempts to pass legislation that could restrict civil rights for LGBT people.
Can the IUD Revolution Come to the Bible Belt? - The Atlantic
In Amarillo, TX - where the teen birth rate is nearly four times the national average - Abril Vazquez teaches teens about long acting reversible contraceptives. However, the information she is trying to share has been met with a considerable amount of resistance. 

Teens Are Having Less Sex, but Nobody Knows Why - Refinery29
A new study of risky teen behavior has shown a drop in the number of American teenagers having sex. Researchers say that they don't know why the drop happened, but they plan to examine the following survey in 2017 to make sure it's not just a statistical one-off.
LELO HEX Condoms Are Endorsed By Charlie Sheen - and They Could Be a Gamechanger - Bustle
This week marks the launch of LELO HEX, a new condom that is structurally different from others and aims to fix a lot of common condom complaints - and it's pretty sexy to boot.
Study: Teen Birth Rates Rose in Schools That Gave Out Free Condoms With No Instruction  - Slate
A recent study found that teen births rose 10%  at schools that gave out free condoms to students. However, the increase was mostly caused by schools that did not give their students mandatory counseling about how to properly use condoms. 
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