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This Is Exactly What Chlamydia And Gonorrhea Feel Like

NCSH member and spokesperson Dr. Katharine O'Connell White shares what chlamydia and gonorrhea feel like for most people, which is nothing because they are mostly asymptomatic infections.

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10 Things To Know If You Want To Stop Using Condoms

Are you and your partner considering ditching condoms? Here's 10 things you should know, according to Amber Madison, who wrote this in-depth story on behalf of the coalition.

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Dating with Herpes: Your 10-Step Guide

On behalf of the Coalition, NCSH's Amber Madison provides a 10-step guide for dating with herpes, which features an interview with NCSH member, Jenelle Marie Davis, of the STD Project.


Men: 5 Ways to Make Condoms More Pleasurable

NCSH's Tyomi Morgan provides five simple ways to make condom use sexier and more satisfying for men and their partners and interviews NCSH's Deborah Arrindell, from ASHA.


Men: Condoms Aren't Ruining Your Sex Life, It's Your Mindset

In honor of National Condom Month, the NCSH's Tyomi Morgan urges men to change their mindset about condoms by learning about innovations that are now available to make sex with a condom more exciting and pleasurable.

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Just Diagnosed with an STI? Here's How to Deal

There is life after a sexually transmitted infection (STI) diagnosis. Learn more from NCSH member Amber Madison, who wrote the story on behalf of the Coalition.

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