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Only 13 States Require Sex Ed to Be Medically Accurate

There are only 13 states in the US that require sex ed classes to include information that is medically, factually and technically accurate. Research from Altarum's Jenn Rodgers on the harmfulness of abstinence-only programs is referenced.

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"Un ataque contra la salud de la mujer": ni la ciencia, ni el público avalan la nueva medida que limita el acceso a los anticonceptivos

This Spanish-language article is the latest from a new relationship between the NCSH and Univision. It quotes NCSH Co-Director Susan Gilbert on the benefits of birth control and family planning. (It can be read in English in Google Chrome)

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Why You Don’t Have To Say "I Love You" To Feel Love

Dr. Logan Levkoff, an AASECT member, is featured in this story about love, relationships, communication, and the many different ways you can express love without saying those three words.

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An Approved List of Things That Can Go Into Your Vagina

This article quotes NCSH spokesperson Dr. Hilda Hutcherson MD on what items can and cannot go into one's vagina.

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Do You Really Need to Pee Before Sex?

NCSH spokesperson Dr. Hilda Hutcherson, MD is quoted in this article on the benefits for women of peeing before or after having sex.

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Navigating Dating With an STI

Dating is even more difficult for people who have an STI. In this article, NCSH member Jenelle Marie Pierce shares options for disclosing one's STI status.

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The Oral Sex Risk You’re Not Thinking About

In this article, NCSH member Jenelle Marie Pierce of TheSTDProject.com explains the risks associated with oral sex.

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4 Things to Consider Before You Have Sex on the Beach

NCSH facilitated an interview with Dr. Hilda Hutcherson, MD in this article on what to consider before having sex on a beach.

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How College Sexual Assault Survivors Find Justice On Campus

NCSH member, Kristen Houser, from the National Sexual Violence Resource Center, is quoted in this story about sexual assault and the importance of Title IX on college campuses.

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Does A Happy Ending Massage Count As Cheating?

Dr. Logan Levkoff, an AASECT member, is featured in this story about happy ending massages, relationships, open communication, and boundaries.