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According to a new study, parents are wary about requiring children to receive an HPV vaccination for school admissions. Just 21% of parents thought laws requiring the vaccine for school were a "good idea," but that number rose if there was an "opt-out" provision offered.
The fight for increased access to contraception isn't being fought on the West Coast alone; it's also taking place on computer and smartphone screens all over the country.
Federal Research on Sexual Violence Is a Mess - Huffington Post
The federal government is sitting on a ton of data about sexual violence in the United States, but most of the statistics cannot be compared because of wide variations in how they're measured, a new review from the Government Accountability Office concludes. 
Zika: The Millennials' S.T.D.?  - New York Times 
The author of this article suggests the millennial generation needs to take the lead in thinking about what to do if Zika persists in the next few years. She insists it's not a tropical infection that matters only abroad; but an STI that anyone could catch. 
Contraception's Role in Fighting Poverty - Huffington Post
The authors of this article traveled the country, interviewing welfare recipients, and learned that if all young women had the tools they need to avoid unwanted pregnancies, there would be fewer impoverished mothers and children.
Does Porn Negatively Affect Marriage? Watching Adult Content Doubles Divorce Risk, Study Suggests - Medical Daily 
Findings of a recent study suggest that starting to consume adult video content doubles the risk of divorce for couples who were not very religious, newly married, or happy in their marriage.
The One Thing That Couples Who Have Better Sex Do - Glamour
According to a new study, couples who are attentive to each other will continue to have good sex, and your sex life can be kept alive and flourishing by paying attention to your partner's needs.  
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