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Jenelle Davis, NCSH member and founder of The STD Project, speaks up about common STI myths and discusses the shame and stigma she felt when diagnosed with an STI.

These 10 Real Women (and 2 Guys) Are Coming Out About Having Herpes, So Others Will Know They're Not Alone - xo Jane
In an empowering essay, Jenelle Davis shares stories about men and women, including herself, who are living with herpes.
This Week
The recommendation to gather more safety data was one of a series made by the panel at the conclusion of a daylong hearing the FDA convened to review Essure.
Billboards Linking Tinder to STDs are Latest Battleground in Online Dating Wars - Washington Post
Across Los Angeles, there are dozens of billboards blaming the apps Tinder and Grindr for spreading sexually transmitted infections and encouraging people to get tested. The folks at Tinder and Grindr are not pleased. 

Why IUDs are Having a Moment Right Now - Huffington Post
After all but disappearing from the market in the 1980s, intrauterine devices (IUDs) are back and gaining momentum.
There's been no significant change in the prevalence of HIV infection among US adults, according to the latest estimates released in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's National Health Statistics Reports.
Celebs Get Real About Baggy Condoms And Powerful Vaginas In New Sex Ed Videos - Huffington Post
Jessica Biel, Whitney Cummings and Joy Bryant star in a new online video series for Funny or Die in which they candidly share their opinions on sex-related topics.
Millions More Need HIV Treatment, WHO Says - New York Times 
Everyone who has HIV should be immediately be put on antiretroviral triple therapy and everyone at risk of becoming infected should be offered protective doses of similar drugs, the World Health Organization said as it issued new HIV treatment and prevention guidelines.
You may be taking your pill regularly, but there are some other pretty common scenarios that can diminish the effectiveness of your birth control. 
Cervical Cancer Screening: Experts Weigh-in - MedPage Today
Clinical practice rarely mirrors the screening recommendations developed by expert panels, and this week, colleagues explored that divide in a modeling study and concluded that, as practiced, the current recommendations are inefficient.
At the time of HIV testing, nearly one quarter of newly diagnosed HIV-positive gay and bisexual men in North Carolina did not report male sex partners, according to an analysis by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
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