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A new study shows that the amount of activity generated by sex is roughly equal to that of climbing two staircases or taking a brisk walk, and most people with heart disease are safe to resume sexual activity following a heart attack.
US regulators plan to review the popular birth control implant device, Essure, following multiple complaints.
A new survey of college students, one of the largest ever focusing on sexual assault and sexual misconduct, has reignited the debate over just how big a problem sexual assault on campus really is.
A new report from the Human Rights Campaign says that bisexual adults face physical, mental, and sexual health disparities at alarming rates.
Hundreds of US companies are adding sex reassignment as a health insurance benefit in an effort to be more inclusive.
Northwestern University is opening up an online sex education class to help students, and the general public, learn more about sex and reproduction. 

Birth Control Pills Increase Risk for Ischemic Stroke, But Only in Certain Women: Study - Medical Daily
A new study suggests there's a small, but significant increase of stroke among women taking birth control pills, but this was dependent upon several specific factors.

Lady Gaga's Powerful New Video Shows the Reality of Campus Sexual Assault - Upworthy 
The video for her latest single, "Till It Happens to You" is the theme song for the documentary "The Hunting Ground," which focuses on the prevalence of sexual assault on college campuses and the school administrators who fail to help survivors and/or try to cover it up.
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