Sexual Health in the News Week of Sept 12- Sept 18

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NCSH in the News
Sexually transmitted infections can be difficult to discuss when starting a new relationship. NCSH Co-Director Susan Gilbert and NCSH members Jenelle Marie Davis and Dr. Ned Hook were interviewed on when and how to notify partners. 
This Week
Data reveals that Blacks are often at higher risk of STDs than youth in other racial groups. While STD infections aren't always associated with the risk of serious illness or death, they can cause complications that threaten or take the lives of young people.
Two juniors at the University of North Carolina are working on a high-tech rape whistle that they hope will help prevent sexual assaults.
Researchers have discovered a protein that prevents the HIV virus from replicating. Hopes are that it could lead to new treatments in the future.
Determining if your birth control method works for you may seem simple, but some methods may not actually work all that well for your body and your specific lifestyle. 
Apple is finally incorporating reproductive health tracking into its mobile operating system. Reproductive health tracking app Clue will provide comprehensive health data for people who want to see period and fertility tracking right next to fitness information. 
HCV Infection Rates Rising Among HIV+ MSM - Infectious Disease Special Edition
In a new meta-analysis, researchers from New York University found that sexually transmitted hepatitis C virus infection was common among HIV-positive men who have sex with men.
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