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When women's health clinics close because of government funding cuts aimed at abortion providers, fewer women seek lifesaving preventive care that can identify health threats such as cancer. 
The "no means no" mantra of a generation ago is being eclipsed by "yes means yes" as more young people are told that they must have explicit permission from the object of their desire before they engage in any form of sexual activity.
Researchers from Oregon State University observed that undergraduates are more likely to have sex during binge drinking sessions, or while using marijuana, shedding light on when millennials are most at risk to have unprotected sex.
Researchers found a 10-fold higher risk of needing a reoperation during the first year for women who choose the Essure device compared to those who had surgery for sterilization.
An AIDS vaccine will undergo its first human trial, 15 years after it was first developed.

When it comes to creating successful relationships, you need certain critical traits in place. Here are twelve commandments to creating a positive relationship that truly lasts. 
While stress can contribute to erectile dysfunction, it can also signal the presence of more ominous medical conditions like heart disease.
Stigma and cultural factors can work together to prevent greater acceptance of HIV testing, care, and prevention strategies. For Latino gay men, a culture of shame and silence surrounding sex and gender roles compounds the barriers. 
In a new study, researchers report that effective HIV therapy can lower the risk of hepatitis B infection.
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