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Jenelle Davis, founder and executive director of The STD Project, shares her tips for telling a partner you have an STI, and for telling a partner you think he or she may have given you an STI.
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More than half of the world's population carries the herpes simplex virus commonly known as oral herpes, which is becoming an increasing cause of genital infection when transmitted through oral sex. 
Talking about sex with parents, especially moms, can influence teen behavior including condom use, according to a new review. 
After examining data relating to the huge number of unwanted pregnancies in the U.S., an American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists panel has urged doctors to introduce long-acting reversible contraceptives to women.
A coalition of 220 organizations working with sexual assault victims recently sent a letter to all members of the House of Representatives in opposition to a bill that would limit college sexual assault investigations.
One of several antibiotic treatment options for the sexually transmitted disease, gonorrhea, seems to be losing its effectiveness, U.S. health officials warn.
We asked doctors to share the most common misconceptions they hear in their practices about sex and contraception. 
The Sexual Health Report Card ranks 140 colleges based on the quality of their student health centers, graded on services across 11 categories.
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