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Primary care doctors treat the HPV vaccine differently from other routinely recommended immunizations, hesitating to recommend it fully and on time, a study finds.
Long-acting reversible contraceptives, known as LARCs, are revolutionizing American birth control, but not everyone is receptive to this message.
Not only does the US fail to educate young people about sex, our culture also frequently perpetuates damaging lies and myths about the act. These are some of the worst lies we need to stop telling girls about sex, according to the young women who've heard them.

Erectile dysfunction is extremely common among all age groups for various reasons, not all of which are easily identifiable.

Over the last three years, more women are getting the chance to insert an intrauterine device or contraceptive implant right after having a baby.

9 Sexual Health Mistakes You May Be Making 
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Whether you're a teenager or well into your sexually active years, there are things you can do to start taking your sexual health more seriously.

Based on the cases that make it to court, sexual assault occurs on airplanes more often than most people probably realize.

Emergency contraception helps prevent unwanted pregnancy when your contraception method fails, you forgot to use a birth control method, or if you were forced to have unprotected sex.

A San Francisco-based sex therapist shares compelling reasons to take a break from sex in an effort to improve your relationship. 
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