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The majority of adults in the United States--Republicans and Democrats alike--support policies that make it easier for teens and those age 18 and older to get the full range of birth control methods, according to new public opinion survey data released by The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy.
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Many U.S. veterans returning from service in Iraq and Afghanistan experience sexual dysfunction, a new study suggests.
The share of American women on birth control who use long-acting reversible methods like intrauterine devices and implants has nearly doubled in recent years, the federal government recently reported.
Evidence is mounting that the HPV vaccine is also effective in preventing other HPV-related cancers, including those of the head and neck, which are now on the rise. 
Whether the sex we have will lead to conception before we're ready shouldn't be on any woman's worry list. With birth control, it doesn't have to be. #ThxBirthControl
He Wouldn't Kiss Me Until I Got Tested for STDs - Washington Post
One woman tells her story about having the STD conversation with her partner, and how it brought them closer together.
Since the FDA approved Truvada for HIV prevention in 2012, fear and stigma has kept many gay Latinos from taking the drug. 

The Shame and Guilt of Living With HIV - Huffington Post
One man tells his story of living with HIV since birth, and why reducing stigma is key, no matter how you contracted the virus.  
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