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The perception that HIV is treatable has made it less scary to the younger age group, who experts say are at greater risk of infection than they may realize. These 5 steps could help millennials protect themselves and others. 
Two states will soon allow pharmacists to prescribe birth control over the counter after screening patients for possible risk factors, which may help many women get the contraceptives they need without visiting a doctor.  

In a recent study, watchful parents who were more aware of their adolescents' activities had teens who engaged in fewer risky sexual behaviors.  
The CDC recently reported that the rates of sexually transmitted diseases are growing in the United States, and too many young people are not getting tested. But what's odd is that screening for the most common STDs is not recommended for straight men under their current guidelines.  
Much of the attention paid to campus sexual assault centers is on students' trauma and victimization. Rightly so. But like other crime victims, students also bear enormous economic costs that affect their college careers and often their lifetime earning potential.
PrEP holds enormous potential to be a boon for women's health - not only by preventing infection, but by empowering women to assume control over their HIV risk. The problem is many women still are not aware of this drug.  

As we age, it's easy to blame problems in the bedroom on our bodies getting older or stress, but another, lesser-known culprit may reside in our own medicine cabinets.
Durex wants to create a safe sex condom emoji which will enable young people to overcome embarrassment around the discussion of safe sex.
A new study tested the idea of taking Truvada, the HIV prevention pill, at key moments--such as before and after having unprotected sex, and the results are promising. 
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