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Our Sexual Health In Crisis - Huffington Post Live

From the myths that surround men's sexual health to what women still need to learn about their bodies, HuffPost Live revisited important conversations about staying healthy while sexually active, including the NCSH's segment on preventive services with Dr. Hook and Dr. Emanuel that originally aired in May 2014. 

This Week

According to a new study, using electronic health records to issue reminders about HPV vaccination for young females significantly increased the number of patients who got the vaccine.


Lawmakers Back Broader Access to Contraceptives for Women in the Military - NY Times

Congress is moving to guarantee greater access to contraceptives for women in the military. The annual defense policy bill says military clinics and hospitals must be able to dispense any method of contraception approved by the FDA.


Study Finds 'Epidemic' of Sexual Assault Among First-Year Women at One U.S. College - Washington Post

A new study published in the Journal of Adolescent Health finds that campus rape remains a widespread issue with a prevalence at epidemic levels.


Campus Sexual Assault: More Awareness Hasn't Solved Root Issues - US News & World Report

Even with an increase in education and training, most higher education institutions still have a long way to go to truly address the underlying problems with campus sexual assault. 


Sex Ed Works Better When It Addresses Power In Relationships - NPR

Public health researchers and educators are making the case that sex education should include discussion about relationships, gender and power dynamics.


5 Progressive Sex Ed Programs That Go Beyond Biology - Bustle

Some organizations are taking it upon themselves to create dynamic sex education programs that address sex in terms of self-esteem, gender roles, and relationships. Here is more information on five cutting edge programs.


New YouTube Series Answers Most Common HIV Questions - 

In an effort to help spread the message of health and wellness across the Internet, Greater Than AIDS produced a fun, honest and informative video series on YouTube called #AskTheHIVDoc.


Coffee Could Reduce Risk of Erectile Dysfunction - CBS News  

A new study, from the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston, found that men who consume more caffeine each day had a lower risk of erectile dysfunction.


The Too-Well Kept Secret to Preventing STDs - Huffington Post   

When a person is treated for an STD, but their partner remains infected, the dangers associated with infections like chlamydia and gonorrhea remain. By preventing reinfection, EPT can help stop these infections in their tracks.

Michael Johnson Conviction Shows Fear Spreads Faster than HIV - NY Daily News

In Missouri, testing positive for HIV makes a person criminally liable. That creates a powerful incentive to never get tested, which is why Missouri and the 31 other states with laws on the books that prosecute HIV infection as a crime need to re-evaluate their laws criminalizing non-disclosure of HIV status.


5 Myths About Senior Sex That We Should All Stop Believing - Huffington Post

Think seniors don't have sex? Think again. This article presents senior sex myths that aren't true.


Text Messages Can Help Boost Teen Birth Control Compliance - ScienceDaily

Sending teen girls periodic text messages reminding them to follow through on their clinic appointments for periodic birth control injections can go a long way toward improving timing and adherence to contraception.

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