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What Do Religious Women Think of the Contraceptive Mandate? - The Atlantic

Faith leaders have spoken out against the Affordable Care Act's mandate that employers cover free birth control in their employee health plans, but many of their female followers feel differently.


Let's Talk (Frankly) About Sex - New York Times

A new approach uses openness and humor to make "The Talk" less dreadful for parents and children alike.


Teaching About Affirmative Consent in High School is a Good Place to Start - RH Reality Check

Some California lawmakers want to make sure that students learn about sexual assault before they graduate high school. Affirmative-consent education can be a good catalyst for making people think about the way rape culture permeates our daily lives.


Sex Assault, Drinking Push Colleges to Moment of Reckoning - ABC News

On college campuses nationwide, the intertwined problems of sexual assault and alcohol are under intense scrutiny as students increasingly speak up and the federal government cracks down. 


An New Dating App Called Hope Is a Matchmaking SOS for Singles with STDs - PR Web

Hope is the first free STD dating app that is available on the App Store to connect singles with sexually transmitted diseases with a compatible partner locally or globally.


Antidepressants Have Sexual Side Effects in Teens, Too - Reuters

When teens take pills for depression and anxiety, doctors need to make sure they understand that sexual side effects are common with the drugs.


Adequate Sleep Tied to Women's Sexual Function - Reuters

Sleeping longer one night corresponds with an increase in sexual desire and odds of intercourse the following day for women, according to a new survey-based study.

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