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The Internet Can't Tell the Difference Between Porn and Sex Ed, and That's Kind of a Problem - MTV

There's a big difference between a guide on how to put on a condom, and a video of a guy actually doing it. This story features an interview with NCSH member Amber Madison, who is advocating for comprehensive, positive sexual content policies on social media platforms.   


HPV: The Teen Vaccine No One Gets? - ABC30

While the HPV vaccine has been available for several years, a new study shows not everyone wants to give it a chance, particularly boys.


Study: LGBT Women Among Most At-Risk for Poverty - Advocate

A new study reveals that LGBT women face challenges that hinder their economic wellbeing in jobs, health coverage, and in obtaining legal recognition for their families.  And, that trans women are 3.8 times more likely to live in poverty than non-trans women.


College Presidents Are Still in Denial About Sexual Assault on Campus, Survey Finds - Huffington Post

College and university presidents largely think their campuses are free of problems with sexual assault, a new Inside Higher Ed survey shows.


The Future of Birth Control for Women - US News & World Report

Emerging trends and technologies will lead to enhanced protection and more satisfying sex.


Why Do 24 States in the U.S. Refuse to Cover the Most Effective Form of Birth Control? - MTV

IUDs are more popular than ever ... but in half the country, they come with a hefty price tag.


CDC, Quest Collaborate to Better Screen, Treat and Reduce Hepatitis - Healio

Quest Diagnostics has entered into an agreement with the CDC to assist in identifying new trends in screening, diagnosing and treating multiple strains of viral hepatitis in the US.


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