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Over the past six years, Colorado has conducted one of the largest experiments with long-acting birth control and the results were incredibly positive. 

Birth Control's Big 'Cost Control' Gains From Obamacare CNBC 

According to a new report, American women are spending significantly less money out of pocket on contraception because of the Affordable Care Act, and are on track to spend even less in coming years.


Dating App Marketed To People With Sexually Transmitted Infections  - International Business Times

People with a sexually transmitted infection (STI) can now find people with a similar infection using a new app called Hift. 


According to a pair of new brain-imaging studies, the way certain brain structures activate may be able to predict future high-risk behavior. 


Oregon is poised to dramatically expand access to birth control after Governor Kate Brown signed laws that will allow women to get a year-long supply of oral contraceptives directly from pharmacists without a trip to the doctor.


Study Finds Doctors Order Fewer Preventive Services For Medicaid Patients - The Journal Gazette

A recent study found that gynecologists ordered fewer preventive services for women who were insured by Medicaid than for those with private coverage.

A Promising New Birth Control Device Is Specifically Meant To Help Low-Income Women - The Huffington Post

A new FDA-approved intrauterine device (IUD) known as Liletta is the first IUD built on the idea of efficiency, accessibility, and affordability. Liletta is being sold for just $50.

An experimental vaccine protected half of a batch of monkeys against a virus similar to the AIDS virus, scientists reported Thursday.

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