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Now You Can Get Birth Control Through These Apps - Buzzfeed
It's getting easier and easier to get birth control. And now, a new generation of apps are making it possible to do on your smartphone.
Researchers Just Made an 'Astonishing' Finding About Americans' Sexuality - Huffington Post
The CDC has released a new study that offers insight into American sexuality. The most noteworthy finding: the changing way Americans view their sexual identities.
We have the medical advances and interventions to end the global HIV/AIDS pandemic. But, our proven tools have not been implemented adequately or uniformly.

How David Bowie Sexually Liberated Us All
- The Daily Beast 
He said he was gay, then bisexual, then married women twice and had children. All the while, he steadfastly declined to sexually identify himself in any fixed way.
See How Our Country Is Failing Women in One Simple Map - Huffington Post
A report card from The Population Institute analyzed the state of women's reproductive health and rights in the U.S. It gave the country a D+ for an overall grade on women's reproductive rights.

Four Ways Sexism and Sex Negativity Have Impacted the HPV Vaccine - Bustle
As scientists discover new ways to protect us from disease, social stigma often prevents these breakthroughs from getting to those who need them most. The HPV vaccine is a notable example where sexism and sex-negativity can overshadow scientific fact.

Do You Have a Condom? No, but I Have a Sperm Switch on My Balls
A German inventor wants to flip the switch on how we think about contraception. Clemens Bimek's "sperm switch" claims to allow men to block sperm from mixing with semen before ejaculation.

Bernie Sanders Thinks Police Should Investigate Campus Rape. That's Not Enough. - Vox
When Sen. Bernie Sanders was asked about sexual assault on campus, he responded that it should be a matter for the police. This shows that he doesn't understand why colleges are handling sexual assaults in the first place.
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