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NCSH in the News
Q&A: Jenelle Marie Davis - Grand Rapids Business Journal 
Jenelle Marie Davis, founder of and NCSH member, is featured in a Q&A session for the Grand Rapids Business Journal.

This Week
Birth Control without Seeing a Doctor: Oregon Now, More States Later - The New York Times
As of Jan. 1, women in Oregon can get hormonal contraceptives directly from a pharmacy, without having to go to a doctor for a prescription first. This article answers some questions about the groundbreaking new law.
Republicans in Congress Ended the Decades-Long Funding Ban on Needle Exchange Programs - Vox
In December, Congress quietly made a huge change to help combat HIV: It effectively lifted the federal funding ban on needle exchange programs, which provide clean needles to drug users.

MTV May Be Partially Responsible for the Lowest Teen Pregnancy Rate in U.S. History, Plus 14 People on What Sex Ed Never Taught Them - Bustle
Recent data show that the rate of teen pregnancy is at an all-time low in the US. Many advocates are looking toward MTV and its programs like Teen Mom as one of the factors helping to reduce unplanned pregnancies. 
The NHL and the NHL Players' Association launched an initiative to educate hockey players on domestic violence, sexual assault and sexual harassment issues.

OhMiBod's Lovelife Krush Will Help Improve Your Sexual Health - Mashable
OhMiBod has introduced two products to help women improve their sexual health. Lovelife krush is a smart activity tracker for kegel exercises, and it connects to a companion app, The Art and Science of Love.

Recommended STD Testing Received by Less than Half of Teen Sexual Assault Victims Who Go to the ER - Medical Daily
According to a recent study, more than half of teenagers who visit the ER after a sexual assault aren't given testing or preventive medicine for sexually transmitted diseases.

Strong Recommendations for HPV Vaccine Lacking among Pediatricians, Family Practitioners
Nearly one-third of physicians reported not strongly recommending HPV vaccination at patients' 11-12 year well visit, and they were even less likely to recommend the vaccination for boys, according to recently published data.

What Is Actually in Erectile Dysfunction Supplements? -
The journal International Society for Sexual Medicine recently reviewed ingredients found in top-selling "nutraceuticals" - a category that includes nutritional supplements and herbal teas - promoted as remedies for ED.
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