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NCSH in the News
There is life after a sexually transmitted infection (STI) diagnosis. You can still date, you can still have sex, and you can still be healthy. Here's how, according to NCSH member Amber Madison, who wrote the story on behalf of the Coalition.

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South Carolina Bill would Make Getting Viagra as Tough as Getting an Abortion - Time
A South Carolina lawmaker is introducing a bill that would require men looking to get Viagra or other erectile dysfunction drugs to go through similar steps as women seeking abortions.

Trans Sex Workers are 25 Times More Likely to Be HIV Positive than the General Population - The Nation

Despite progress in fighting the HIV epidemic, one community still faces an acute crisis, representing social and public health challenges that are yet unresolved

Alcohol Taxes Reduce STDs, New Research Suggests, But Are They Fair? - Bustle
According to research on a recent tax hike in Maryland, at least one kind of tax has a surprising social benefit - alcohol taxes may reduce STDs.

Condoms have a typical use failure rate of 18%. But, when used correctly, condoms are 98% effective at preventing pregnancy, and are your best line of defense against STDs. To help you avoid joining that 18%, learn about these 10 common mistakes.

6 Things that Would Do More for Women's Sex Drive than 'Female Viagra' - Washington Post
Six experts weigh in on female sexuality and what they would do to enhance women's sexual satisfaction. Their answers may surprise you.

Girls Given Risky Meds Don't Get Contraceptive Advice - U.S. News and World Report
New research from a Midwestern hospital suggests a wide majority of teen girls and young women fail to get information about contraceptives when they take medications that could cause birth defects.
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