Sexual Health in the News Week of Aug 29- Sept 4

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NCSH in the News
In support of the NCSH African American media campaign, reporter Tyomi Morgan (who is a new NCSH member) interviewed Coalition member Dana Van Gorder, Executive Director of Project Inform, about the role and importance of PrEP. 
From Our Members
As we enter another school year, debates on sex education are once again raging across the country. Authored by NCSH member Debra Hauser, Executive Director of Advocates for Youth.
This Week
A US District Court has ruled that, like some religious groups, March for Life does not have to offer coverage for services it doesn't believe in, including contraception.
A drug designed to prevent people who are at risk of HIV from being infected is showing promise. A new real-world study found that those who took the drug stayed HIV-free.
New drugs to treat hepatitis C are tremendously effective and costly, raising fears that the high prices might outstrip the ability of public and private insurers to pay.
A recent study may have found a biological explanation for why certain types of injectable and oral contraceptives can put women at increased risk of HIV infection.
A large majority of Americans of all political viewpoints support providing free tests for sexually transmitted diseases by local governments.
A Silicon Valley-based startup is developing the Hoope ring that can test for STDs in minutes at home.
The study of 101 men in the Boston area found that men who hire prostitutes tend to have less empathy for women and tend to share characteristics with sexually violent men.
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