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CDC: Teens Unfamiliar with Most Effective Form of Birth Control - US News & World Report

According to a report issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, teens are largely unfamiliar with the most effective type of birth control. The agency recommends long-acting reversible contraception to further reduce historically low teen pregnancy rates.


Only 7 Percent of Teens Are Using the Most Effective Form of Birth Control - The Atlantic  

A new CDC report shows adoption of IUDs and implants among adolescents is on the rise, but they still lag behind condoms and the Pill. 


How Informed Are Women About STDs? This Survey's Findings Might Shock You - Bustle

To celebrate STD Awareness Month, Planned Parenthood and Women's Health Magazine created a survey to see exactly where women stand when it comes to STDs and sexual health. They polled more than 3,000 women on issues like safe sex, condom use, and of course, sexually transmitted diseases. 


It's STD Awareness Month, And Here Are 7 Surprising Facts About Sexually Transmitted Diseases - Bustle

April is STD Awareness Month, and it's the perfect time to learn more about sexually transmitted diseases, including symptoms, testing and treatment. Here are six things about STDs you might not know.

For Gay and Bi Blood Donors, New Rules but Same Ban - Huffington Post

Gay and bisexual men want to contribute to America's blood stocks and have a vital role to play in keeping America healthy. We should demand that the FDA change its policy and keep stereotypes out of blood donation sites.


7 Aspects Of Female Sexual Health You Should Be Paying Attention To - Elite Daily 

Sexual Health is an important part of leading a healthy lifestyle. Too often it gets left out of the health conversation and swept under the rug. Here are just some of the things that should be on your sexual health checklist. 


This New App Wants to Give You Sex Advice You Actually Need - Connections.Mic

Hookup is the first app to give teens and young adults instant answers from sex experts for their sex-related questions, anonymously. It's like a Google search but with real-time, personalized and accurate answers.


My Body, My Choice: Why We Have To Stop Making Sex A Moral Discussion - Elite Daily

The Public Religion Research Institute recently released poll results showing that for Millennials, homosexuality is more morally acceptable than casual sex. The results of the poll are immaterial. The problem is they asked for people to give moral evaluations of sex acts. When can we finally stop talking about sex between two consenting adults as a moral issue?


Don't Assume Erectile Dysfunction Is A Natural Part Of Aging -- It's Often A Sign Of Undetected Disease - Huffington Post 

More and more researchers are recognizing the link between sexual health and long-term, chronic diseases like diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure. The more advanced these diseases are, the more at risk a man is of erectile dysfunction.

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