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How the Texas Abortion Law May Actually Be Enforced – ABC News
SB 8 “gives virtually anyone on the planet the right to sue,” regardless of whether they suffered any injury from the abortion.

Experts Say Texas’ Abortion Law GOP Policies Have an Outsize Effect on the Poor – NBC News
Forcing people to carry pregnancies that they can’t afford contributes to “creating generational poverty,” said one reproductive justice advocate.

Half of LGBTQ Workers Have Faced Job Discrimination, Report Finds – NBC News
Nearly 1 in 10 experienced employment bias in the last year alone, according to the Williams Institute at the UCLA School of Law.

In Texas, Rape Crisis Centers Struggle to Respond to New Abortion Law – TIME
When Texas implemented the country’s most restrictive abortion ban, rape crisis centers were forced to limit the support they give to thousands of rape or incest survivors.

How to Know If You and Your Partner Could Benefit from Sex Therapy – Well + Good
Just like general therapy can help people live their most authentic life, sex therapy can help people embrace their most fulfilling sex life—even if there's no specific "problem" to solve.

Survivors Are Using New Weapons in the Battle Against Conversion Therapy – NBC News
Efforts to change the orientation or gender identity of a minor are prohibited or partially banned in 25 states, but some advocates say this isn’t enough.

Transgender Insureds Can Sue Over Health Plan Exclusion, U.S. Appeals Court Affirms – NBC News
In 2018, the North Carolina State Health Plan decided to exclude all coverage for gender dysphoria counseling, hormone therapy and other transition-related treatment. Now, enrolled transgender people can file a lawsuit.

What Does It Mean to Be Cisgender? The Difference Between Sex and Gender – INSIDER
Cisgender refers to individuals who identify with the sex that they were when they were born. But not all cisgender people are straight—since cisgender refers to gender, not sexuality.

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