Sexual Health in the News September 29 - October 5

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An STI Diagnosis Can Be Devastating - But Is It Worse for Women? - Giddy 
A recent study reveals that women who contract an STI experience significantly greater loss in quality-adjusted life years compared to men. Jenelle Pierce from the STI project, an NCSH member, and Dr. Rosa Plotzker, of UCSF, are featured. 

In a First, CDC to Recommend Antibiotic Pill After Sex for Some to Prevent Sexually Transmitted Infections - CBS News
On Monday, CDC released new draft recommendations for prescribing the antibiotic doxycycline, dubbed doxycycline post-exposure prophylaxis (Doxy-PEP), to prevent the spread of STIs. Dr. Jonathan Mermin of the CDC, and The National Coalition of STD Directors, an NCSH member, are featured.  

Young Men Can Have Prostate Inflammation - and Sitting Doesn't Help - Very Well Health 
While prostate problems are often thought of as an older man’s nuisance, younger men may also experience pain and discomfort in their prostate glands. Aleece Fosnight, an NCSH member, is featured. 

Other News This Week

State Department Slams GOP for Failing to Reauthorize Global AIDS Program - The Hill
The AIDS relief program has saved 25 million lives and funded health care services in more than 50 countries. On Saturday, lawmakers passed legislation that did not reauthorize the program 

What Doctors Don't Tell Teens About Antidepressants and Sex - Salon
Antidepressant medications can affect the sex lives of teenagers. However, there is little research or information about the effects on adolescents, particularly how they can differ based on gender. 

PrEP Prevents HIV Infections, But It's Not Reaching Black Women - NPR
Despite the effectiveness of PrEP in preventing HIV, many cisgender Black women, who can be at higher risk for the virus, face significant barriers to accessing it.  

Young People Left in Limbo as Battle Over Transgender Care Shifts to Court - The New York Times
Federal judges will now decide the fate of laws on transgender-rights, leaving many transgender minors across the country without clear answers on their ability to obtain hormone therapies.  

Can You Get the HPV Shot If You’re Not a Teen? - Very Well Health
The CDC recommends giving the first dose of the HPV vaccine to preteens. But can you still get it as an adult? Here’s what experts say.  

Many LGBTQ People Report Having Experienced Conversion Therapy, Study Finds - NBC News 
Many LGBTQ individuals have experienced conversion therapy, with transgender people facing higher rates, highlighting the persistence of these harmful practices despite widespread condemnation.

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