Sexual Health in the News September 25 - October 1

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What Is LGBTQ+ History Month? It’s a Time for Teaching, Experts Say – Romper
October is a time to celebrate the icons in the LGBTQ+ communities, and a month-long invitation to learn more about the history and the people who have been influential in the ongoing fight for equality. This story features Advocates for Youth, a NCSH member.

COVID-19 Is Ushering in a New Era of At-Home Sexual Health Tests – Quartz
With the COVID-19 pandemic, the sales of at-home STI testing collection kits have been booming —a tool that may be a much-needed defense against the spread of STIs, even after the pandemic ends. Justin Lehmiller, from NCSH member Kinsey Institute, is featured.

Other News This Week

HPV Vaccine Significantly Lowers Risk of Cervical Cancer, Large Study Finds – NBC News
This study is significant because it provides solid evidence that the vaccine actually prevented invasive cervical cancer, not just protection again HPV, genital warts, and cervical precancer.

A Rare Expansion in Abortion Access Because of COVID-19 – TIME
FDA approved mifepristone in 2000 and advocates believed it would significantly change abortion care in the U.S., but that never occurred. Now, 20 years later, mifepristone is finally leading to major changes—due to COVID-19.

It Is Still Illegal to Be Transgender in These Countries – The Hill
A new report on legal recognition for transgender people shows that at least 13 UN member states criminalize being transgender. And while it is not illegal in the U.S., not all states offer the same rights and protections.

Early Care Leads to Better Mental Health for Transgender Youths, Study Finds – NBC News
Trans youth who get gender-affirming care earlier in life are less likely to face issues like depression and anxiety, a recent study found.

Forget Tracking Your Period—Your period (App) Is Tracking You – Marie Claire
Anything you put into a period-tracking app is fair game to be sold. And marketers and insurance companies are paying big money to use it.

How to Ask for What You Want in Your Sex Life – INSIDER
Telling your partner you want to switch things up in the bedroom or try something new can be an intimidating experience if you’re unsure where to start. A therapist gives tips on how to get started.

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