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From Greater Education Access to Higher Quality of Life, The Revolutionary Power of Birth Control – Ms. Magazine
Birth control has many benefits—from improved access to sex education, to general well-being, to managing chronic health conditions. But birth control is not available to all, and there are many disparities in access. NCSH member, Dr. Raegan McDonald-Mosley, of Power to Decide, authored the story.

The Pandemic Changed How Americans Have Sex; Experts Explain WhyUSA TODAY
The pandemic has changed life as we know it in a lot of ways – including our sex lives. While some people have reported more sexual activity during the pandemic, many saw a decline. The story features two experts from NCSH member, The Kinsey Institute: Dr. Justin Lehmiller and Dr. Justin Garcia.

Other News This Week

For Transgender Youth, Stigma Is Just One Barrier to Health CareThe New York Times
Discrimination, delays, and systemic hurdles prevent young trans people from getting the care they need, a new study finds. Experts stress the importance of providing inclusive care to these patients.

The House Passes A Bill Meant To Counter Texas-Style Abortion BansNPR
The House passed legislation that would codify abortion rights protections amid threats to Roe v. Wade from a Texas law banning most abortions and a wave of restrictions in other states.

Here’s What Queer People With Vaginas Need To Know About Condoms And STI ProtectionForbes
There are misconceptions that a condom is only used to cover a penis. This article describes different types of condoms and how queer people with vaginas can use them to stay safe during sex.

Police Departments Across U.S. Are Mandating LGBTQ TrainingNBC News
The relationship between law enforcement and the LGBTQ community has long been strained, with  studies showing that LGBTQ people face a higher risk of encountering police misconduct. These trainings are designed to improve police response.

What Six Weeks Pregnant Actually MeansTeen Vogue
With new restrictions on abortion in Texas, activists worry that people will be confused about when they actually can get an abortion. Experts explain what is means to be “six weeks pregnant” and answer some other common questions.

The Birth Control Ring Is An Easy-To-Use Contraceptive That You Only Have To Think About Once A MonthInsider
An expert explains what the birth control ring is, different types of rings, how to use this method of birth control, and pros and cons of this method.

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