Sexual Health in the News September 23 - September 29

NCSH in the News

Syphilis Is Rising in the U.S. Here's What to Know About the Sexually Transmitted InfectionTIME
With significant increases in syphilis rates across the country, STI experts are sharing information on who should seek testing and the symptoms. NCSH member, Dr. Edward Hook, is quoted.

STD Education in Schools Could Prove CrucialGet Me Giddy
Sexual health experts and advocates are calling for comprehensive sex education, including education about STDs, in schools. SIECUS and Advocates for Youth, both NCSH members, are featured.

Other News This Week

University Of Idaho Warns Employees Could Face Felony Charges If They Promote Abortion Or Contraception – Forbes  
The University of Idaho informed employees that promoting abortion or contraception while on the job could be a felony — and stated the university will no longer make birth control available to students.

I Don’t Want Your God In Charge Of My Health CareThe Washington Post
Religiously bound healthcare systems, hospitals, and even physicians are imposing barriers to important, routine, and even life-saving reproductive healthcare services.  

Can You Take Plan B On Birth Control? How To Use These Hormonal Medications For Max ProtectionInsider
Reproductive health providers share information on how to properly use different types of emergency contraception in tandem with hormonal birth control pills.

What Is It Like to Get Tested for HIV?Them
Knowing your HIV status is important and understanding the testing process is key, too. This article walks you through each step of the process, from finding a testing location to navigating your insurance.

Porn Is The New Sex Ed — Here’s Why That’s a ProblemRefinery29
Porn can help adolescents explore their sexual identity or preferences but can also provide unrealistic expectations of what sex should look like. The author shares strategies to distinguish between ethical and unethical porn. 

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