Sexual Health in the News September 2 - September 8

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Is Monkeypox an STD? Experts Say No - Get Me Giddy
Even though monkeypox can be spread through sex, experts are cautious about labeling it as an STD, warning it could cause people to underestimate their risk. NCSH arranged the interview with coalition member, David Harvey of NCSD. 

How Different Sex Education Methods Affect Students Around The World Newsy
Gaps in sex ed in the U.S. can leave students in the dark, while other countries have programs that positively affect student health and knowledge. NCSH member, Michelle Slaybaugh, of SIECUS is featured.  

Other News This Week

Millions are getting birth control advice from TikTok. Experts warn the consequences of getting it wrong have never been more dangerous in post-Roe America - Fortune 
Millions are turning to TikTok for advice on preventing pregnancy without hormonal interventions like the pill—but the social platform is rife with misinformation. 

'Here we go again': Monkeypox crisis unnerves AIDS activists. Have lessons been learned? - USA Today
While some see similarities with how HIV was first addressed, others warn of overdrawn comparisons, citing increased cultural acceptance of the LGBTQ community and significant differences in the viruses.  

Judge: Employers Don't Have To Cover HIV Meds If They Oppose 'Homosexual Behavior' - Huffpost 
A federal judge who frequently sides with conservatives just handed anti-LGBTQ Christian employers a big win, allowing them to deny insurance coverage of PrEP and some other sexual health services. 

How Maternity Leave Affects Your HealthForbes 
Taking time off work for maternity leave can give a new mother the chance to heal both physically and emotionally, as well as sufficient time to bond with and care for her newborn baby. 

We're having less sex. What does that mean for public health? - Mashable
The decline in sexual frequency points to a disquieting trend with wider implications associated with public health. 

PSA: Don't Sleep on the Campus Health Center When You're in College - Self
It's a one-stop shop for prescriptions, therapy, sexual health services, and  free condoms. 

What's Your Pleasure? Disability Activists Talk Best Accessible Sex Toys and Tips - Popsugar
People with disabilities  deserve — and have — great sex. 

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