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STI Stigma: How We Were Taught to Be Ashamed Instead of Educated – TODAY
While we seem to be living in an increasingly sex-positive society, STIs are still so stigmatized that creating a conversation around them often causes the discourse to end before it truly begins. This story features two coalition members: Jenelle Marie Pierce of The STI Project and Emily Depasse, sexologist and founder of SexELDucation.

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What STDs Can Tell Us About How to Fight COVID – Politico
The fight to prevent, test for, and treat STD infections offers lessons that can be applied to the fight against COVID-19, such as fear and shame don’t work to motivate people to take preventive action.

How Abortion Groups on Both Sides Are Mobilizing After RBG’s Death – Politico
Conservatives have historically done better at firing up their base on abortion. But this time they’ll be confronting the grief and rage of abortion-rights supporters.

Trans Twitter and the Beauty of Online Anonymity – Vox
The internet can seem like a horrible wasteland. But in small pockets of social media, love and support can be found among those with marginalized identities.

Half of People Are Too Embarrassed to Talk About Intimate Health, According to a Study – Forbes
While treatment for gynecological cancers has increased, prevention is always better than cure. Yet, a recent UK study has found 58% of people were either embarrassed or unaware about importance of talking about gynecological health.

Should You Rush to Get an IUD After Ginsburg’s Death? – Refinery29
Since the death of Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg, many people are encouraging each other to “get your IUDs now,” before it’s too late, making it clear that people’s birth control decisions can be influenced by politics.

For Young People’s Sexual Health, the Pandemic Changes the Game – The New York Times
The pandemic may offer opportunities to help adolescents and young adults make good decisions regarding sexual and social behavior.

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