Sexual Health in the News September 17 - September 23

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It Might Not Be Just a Rash – Giddy
The most common symptom of all STIs is no symptom at all—however, some common STIs can cause genital and anal itching that can easily be confused for a common skin rash. NCSH arranged the interview with member Jenelle Pierce of the STI Project.

Is It Normal to Bleed After Sex? We Asked 3 Doctors – The EveryGirl
Bleeding after sex is actually an extremely common occurrence. And although in most cases it’s perfectly harmless, in other cases, it has the potential to lead to some tricky issues. Three doctors answer some common questions. NCSH arranged the interview with Dr. Melissa Wong.

Other News This Week

LGBTQ Veterans Discharged for Their Gender Identity or Sexual Orientation to Receive VA Benefits – CBS News
For years, LGBTQ military members were only allowed to serve so long as nobody openly acknowledged their sexual orientation or gender identity. On Monday, the Department of Veterans Affairs announced that those service members who received other than honorable discharges for their sexual orientation, gender identity or HIV status are eligible for full benefits.

Why Access to Birth Control Is No Substitute for Abortion Rights – TIME
It may seem reasonable to position long-term prescription birth control for birthing bodies as a solution to impending abortion restrictions. But the pill and other forms of long-acting reversible contraception must work alongside abortion, not as an alternative to it.

Transgender People Report Years of Battles for Health Insurance Coverage – NBC News
Many insurance plans—and one-fifth of states—have policies that exclude coverage of certain operations and therapy for transgender people.

Inside the Groups Working to Get Texans Their Abortion Pills – Bustle
On-the-ground activists are already turning to informal, clandestine methods to share information.

Justice Department Reviewing Policies on Transgender Inmates – NBC News
The Justice Department is reviewing its policies on housing transgender inmates in the federal prison system after protections for transgender prisoners were rolled back in the Trump administration.

Half of Singles Don’t Disclose Their STI Status During One-Night Stands—Here’s How to Have That Conversation – Well + Good
Respondents of the recent poll indicated the reason they didn’t share was they had “embarrassment and shame” around their diagnosis.  And, a sizable portion of people said they never shared their STI status because their partner never asked.

HPV Infection Tied to Higher Odds of Premature Delivery – U.S. News & World Report
Researchers recently found that of 899 pregnant women, those infected with the HPV strains 16 and 18 were almost four times more likely to deliver prematurely as uninfected women. The same strains are responsible for most cases of cervical cancers.

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