Sexual Health in the News September 16 - September 22

NCSH in the News

Sexual Health Experts Say STDs Are ‘Out of Control’ With Syphilis Cases Up 26% Last Year - Prevention
Officials are emphasizing the importance of getting tested and using protection as cases rise. NCSH member, David Harvey, of NCSD, is quoted. 

Getting pregnant from anal sex is possible — 3 ways it could happen, according to women's health experts - Insider
Experts describe three scenarios where anal sex could lead to pregnancy. NCSH arranged the interview with Robin Watkins from NCSH member, Power to Decide. 

Other News This Week

As abortion bans take effect, Texas revises sex education to reduce teen pregnancy – NBC News 
Texas schools will teach about contraceptives, instituting the first new standards for teen sexual health education in more than 20 years., but parents have to opt-in for students to participate. 

8 Relationship Green Flags You Should Definitely Pay Attention To – Self
Green flags are positive indicators that a connection has could flourish into a safe, healthy, lasting relationship. They’re a good sign of compatibility and being able to form a healthy bond. 

Diminished Sexual Health Should Not Be a Price Paid to Survive Lung Cancer- CURE
Findings from a recent survey of more than 240 women with lung cancer highlight severe sexual dysfunction is worsened by ignoring underlying problems. 

Do Antidepressants Work for Severe PMS? - New York Times
Premenstrual dysphoric disorder, or PMDD, is an extreme and often debilitating form of PMS that can be tricky to manage. Here’s what treatments work. 

Everything You Should Know About Estrogen—That Few People Do - Women’s Health
Reproduction aside, estrogen plays an important role in numerous functions of the human body while receiving very little credit. 

The Abortion Rights Movement Needs to Listen to Black Women – Teen Vogue
In this op-ed, one of the organizers of the #DayWithoutUs explains why Black women activists are coordinating a national teach-in on reproductive justice.

Silence About Sex Was Hurting My Latinx Community. Now I'm Teaching Sex Ed To Break That Cycle. - Huffpost
Angelique Molina-Mangaroo talks about the importance of creating sex-ed programming in marginalized neighborhoods of New York City.

A Disabled Woman Stood Up to a Friend Harassing Her About Her Sex Life & Reddit Has Her Back – She Knows
Reddit users offered a united consensus to one disabled woman who was worried she may have crossed the line when she stood up to a friend who asked a few too many NSFW questions about her sex life. 

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