Sexual Health in the News September 11 - September 17

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The 5 Things You Need to Know About a Vaginal Prolapse – The Everymom
Here are five things to know about vaginal prolapse—the dropping of the vagina from its normal location in the body—which is very common. NCSH arranged the interview with Dr. Padma Kandadai.

This Brand New Online Tool Can Help You Find an Abortion Provider – Cosmopolitan
Power to Decide, an NCSH member, launched an Abortion Finder tool to help users find nearby legitimate abortion providers. It filters out anti-abortion groups falsely advertising as healthcare clinics. 

Other News This Week

CDC: Testing for STDs Plummeted During Pandemic – Politico
Many sexual health clinics closed their doors or cut back services when the coronavirus began spreading widely in February. The CDC estimates that tens of thousands of STD cases have gone undetected.

Stigma Is Keeping LGBTQ+ Hispanic and Latino Men from Seeking HIV Care: Report – The Hill
A new study found that for gay and bisexual Latino/Hispanic men with HIV, the traditional concept of “machismo” can be a threat to their identity and lives.

Sociologist Says College Hookup Culture Is ‘Incompatible’ with Preventing Coronavirus – People
One sociologist noted that campuses have struggled to give their students the tools to engage in sexual activity that is safe even before the pandemic, leaving them running a race that they already lost.

Coronavirus FAQs: What Are the New Dating Rules? And What About Hooking Up? – NPR
If you’re wondering when it will be safe to date again—or how to do it—you’re not alone. Health and relationship experts give advice on how to navigate intimacy while keeping COVID-19 at bay.

Sex and Depression: How to Stop Seasonal Affective Disorder from Killing Your Libido – Mic
If you have seasonal affective disorder (SAD), the cold dark months can wreck your libido. Here’s how it can mess with your sex life, and how to deal, according to an expert.

Most Sex Ed Stresses Abstinence. Here’s How Parents Can Fill in the Gaps. – Rewire.News
If you wait around to have a single awkward “sex talk” with your kids as they’re approaching their late teens, you’ve waited too long.

Texas Board of Education Rejects Proposed LGBTQ Lessons as Part of Sex Education Revision – ABC News
LGBTQ advocates are pushing back against the Texas Board of Education's rejection of a proposed curriculum to teach middle and high school students about gender identity and sexual orientation.

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