Sexual Health in the News September 10 - September 16

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10 Sex-Ed Podcasts That'll Teach You Everything You Need to Know, From Orgasms to Foreplay – POPSUGAR
This article highlights podcasts that focus on sex education and intimacy. A podcast from The Kinsey Institute, a NCSH member, is featured in this article. 

Other News This Week

How to Order an Abortion Online – Rolling Stone
With new bans on abortion popping up nationwide, online abortion pill retailers are finding ways to support patients. This article explains how to order the pill online, and how activists are increasing access to safe, legal abortions.

California Moves to Outlaw ‘Stealthing,’ or Removing Condom Without Consent – The New York Times
This new bill would make it a civil offense to remove a condom during intercourse without a partner’s consent, making California the first state to outlaw stealthing.

Biden Nominates First LGBT Woman To Federal Circuit Court – ABC News
President Joe Biden is nominating a judge who played a critical role in paving the way for the legalization of same-sex marriage to become the first openly LGBT woman to serve on any federal circuit court.

The Texas Abortion Ban Has Led To Confusion Over Access To Emergency Contraception, And Experts Are Worried – Buzzfeed
With so many misconceptions about the difference between emergency contraception and abortion pills, experts worry that SB8 will cause even more confusion.

17 Butt Plugs That Sex Experts Recommend For Safe Anal Play – SELF
Getting curious about anal sex is normal, but it’s important to know you can’t just stick anything up your bum. Sex experts provide a list of the best butt plugs based on your experience and interest.

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