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'Consent at Any Age Is Consent': What Teenagers Think of the Kavanaugh Accusations — and his Defenders – NBC News
More than a half a dozen teenagers spoke to NBC News about the way conservative commentators and politicians have defended Kavanaugh and attacked his accusers’ credibility. Laura Palumbo from the National Sexual Violence Resource Center, an NCSH member, is quoted. Advocates for Youth, also an NCSH member, provided background for this story. 

5 Signs Your Period Might Not be 'Normal' – Insider
Whether your period qualifies as normal or not typically depends on what's normal for you. Here are a few signs that your period might not be normal. NCSH spokeswomen Dr. Katharine O'Connell-White and Dr. Rachel Cannon discuss.

Does Sexting Count As Foreplay? Here's What Experts Say, So Take Notes – Elite DailyWhether you've participated in sexting or know someone who has, the chances you've been exposed to it are high. But what's the point of it? Does sexting count as foreplay? NCSH member, Dr. Logan Levkoff, is quoted.

Syphilis Cases in Newborn Babies Reach 20-Year High, CDC Says – CNN
Congenital syphilis cases — when a mother passes syphilis onto her baby during pregnancy or delivery — have more than doubled in the United States since 2013.

Here's What Sexual Assault Experts Say You Should Keep in Mind as Christine Blasey Ford Shares Her Story – Los Angeles Times
Here’s what researchers who study sexual assault and its aftermath would like you to keep in mind as you watch the Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Ford Blasey proceedings.

The True Cost of Women’s Silence – Bloomberg
The Department of Justice estimates that two out of every three sexual assaults aren’t reported to the police. That makes it hard to understand the full toll of these events on individuals and on society as a whole.

We Don't Really Know How Well Condoms Work for Anal Sex – Vice
Regulators and researchers have limited information on how condoms hold up in anal as opposed to vaginal sex, two entirely different physical contexts, involving discrete types of tissue, muscle force, and natural lubrication, or lack thereof.

Newer Hormonal Birth Control Linked to Lower Ovarian Cancer Risk: Study – ABC News
Hormonal contraception methods like a pill, patch, ring or injectable are very effective and popular as birth control, but they can have other health benefits, too.

Masturbation Should Be a Fundamental Part of Sex Ed – Mashable
In an age when sex education is still not a compulsory element of school curricula in many countries, including the US and UK, young people are still not being consistently taught about masturbation and sexual pleasure.

How Insomnia Can Kill Your Sex Life – Men’s Health
For insomniacs, the worst part of sleeping over after a hookup is the actual sleep. And not being able to sleep doesn’t just affect you — it can affect your partner, too.

A Third of American Adults Age 45 and Over Are Lonely, National Survey Finds – ABC News
A new survey found that one in three Americans age 45 and over are lonely, which may harm their quality of life and also pose health risks. The survey also found that infrequent sex and inadequate sleep are associated with loneliness.

Can You Get Herpes From Oral Sex? Yes — And Here's How It Happens – Bustle
Spoiler alert — you can absolutely get genital herpes from oral sex. But let’s take a look at how, exactly, that happens.

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