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Lube Doesn't Kill Sperm, but It Can Slow It Down – Refinery29
Pregnancy blogs are full of nonsense myths about what does and doesn't help you get pregnant. But the lube/sperm myth is built on a kernel of truth. NCSH spokeswoman Dr. Ana Cepin and NCSH member Jennifer Johnsen of Power to Decide both discuss the issue.

A Lack of Sex Ed May Impact How Some College Students Practice Consent, Research Says – Teen Vogue
Attitudes about sex can be changed by improving education or by overhauling sex education and making consent a normal part of sex and not a potentially scary one — a way in which some students say it's currently perceived.

Low Testosterone, or 'Male Menopause,' No Longer Just for Older Men – CNN
Low testosterone isn't necessarily just a consequence of aging. A number of factors can have an impact on a man's testosterone levels, including mood, energy level, nutrition, genetics, age, health conditions and medications.

Sex Ed in Schools Can Be Dangerous—But Not for the Reasons You Think – Quartz
As cultural norms around sexuality evolve, it’s become increasingly clear that children will encounter issues related to consent, gender identity, and sexual preference as they grow up.

What to Do When Your Libidos Don’t Match – Huffington Post
If you and your partner just aren’t on the same page sexually these days, don’t fret. In fact, it’s very common for couples ― especially long-term ones ― to deal with mismatched libidos at some point.

When Men’s Worry Is More Important Than Women’s Safety – Huffington Post
Why are men closing ranks around Brett Kavanaugh and others accused of sexual misconduct? It’s about self-preservation.

Why You Should Not Trust Fertility Apps—Yet – Slate
The fertility awareness methods they use are real science, but the apps haven’t shown they can deliver the same standard of care.

Want to Fix the #MeToo Problem? Start with Eliminating Abstinence-Only Sex Education – Market Watch
The #MeToo movement has many people expressing confusion regarding what constitutes sexual assault and what can be done about the epidemic of sexual assault and harassment. One step forward would be to start funding better sex education programs in schools.

7 Myths About STIs You Learned In Sex Ed – Bustle
Here are seven common myths about STIs that people learned in sex ed, as well as the science and fact-based truths behind them.

Sex Doesn't Stop with Dementia – MedPage Today
A national study of older adults found that most people with dementia who lived at home and had a partner were sexually active.

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