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The Oral Sex Risk You're Not Thinking About - Allure
In this article, NCSH member Jenelle Marie Pierce of explains the risks associated with oral sex.

What You Need to Know About STI Transmission - Allure 
Jenelle Marie Pierce authored this second article on some lesser-known tips for reducing the risk of getting an STI.    

Hurricanes Like Irma Increase Risk for Sexual Assault - Newsweek
Rape and sexual assault become more common in the wake of hurricanes such as Irma and Harvey when a sense of lawlessness tends to pervade communities. 

Semen Contains Wide Range of Viruses - Newsmax
Human semen provides a potential hiding place and breeding ground for a host of dangerous viruses, a new evidence review reports.            

Better Sex: These Condom Companies Think They've Revolutionized the Rubber - Newsweek
Innovations in condom design are aiming to change the way we have safer sex.  

Do You Need Protection for Oral Sex? Yes, But People Aren't Using It, Survey Finds - Bustle
Oral sex can transmit herpes, gonorrhea, syphilis, chlamydia, HIV, hepatitis, HPV, and genital warts, but 1/3 of Americans report never using a condom during oral sex.

Male Birth Control Might Be Right Around the Corner, And It Sounds Pretty Damn Cool - Men's Health  
A male contraceptive is tantalizingly close, thanks to a new synthetic compound called H2-gamendazole, which works by stepping in during the last stage of sperm development.    

LA Schools to Test Sex Ed Curriculum for Elementary Students - CBS Los Angeles
Sex education lessons are reportedly set to be tested for students as young as fourth grade in some Los Angeles Unified schools.  

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